Let's Move Forward Together for PR

Fair Vote Canada (FVC), the national citizen's campaign for proportional representation, is having an internal referendum. Our members will choose between option A, keeping FVC as a campaign for proportional representation, or option B, changing our mandate to support a non-proportional, winner-take-all system, Alternative Vote, for municipal councils. I am strongly advocating for option A. 

You may also wish to read statements by chapter executives in support of Option A, and individual statements, including background illuminating how we got to this point. 

I believe in what Fair Vote Canada stands for: Equal and effective votes for every Canadian voter, elected bodies that truly represent us - our values, our sincere first choices, our diversity. Getting what we voted for. 

I believe we can achieve proportional representation in Canada. The biggest window of opportunity to acheive proportional representation in our history is fast approaching: the federal election of 2015. We are about to throw in all our energy and resources, reach out to strategic partners, create a powerful message and build tremendous momentum going forward. Our message will be clear and focused: tinkering with First Past the Post will not do. We need proportional representation.

I believe that to take us away from the principle we were founded on, the principle Canadians want and our activists have worked long and hard for, to endorse a winner take all system in Canada's largest city, is a risky diversion we can ill afford. 

It's time for our members to have their say, so we can unite with a clear and focused message as we move towards 2015 together. I hope you will join me. Please, vote for Option A

Anita Nickerson