About Me

I am a 38 year old woman, married to my husband Larry, an RPN, for 13 years. I have two bachelor's degrees and a college diploma and worked for eight years as an addictions counsellor and mental health worker on multidisciplinary teams before leaving the workforce to homeschool our daughter, Rebecca. 

I first learned there was something wrong with our voting system in 2007. Since 2008 I have been volunteering constantly for Fair Vote Canada - it has pretty much been the biggest passion in my life outside of my daughter. From 2009 to 2012 I was the engine of our local chapter - organizing many public events, giving presentations to service clubs, schools and public groups, and staffing tables at almost all our local summer festivals. (I stepped back from the local chapter last spring: our chapter still very active and led by the amazing Sharon Sommerville and team). 

Since 2011 I have been a member of Fair Vote Canada's national council. In this capacity I helped bring Leadnow to our last convention to help us think through national strategy and how to build our movement, co-organized the Canada Day petition drive and Democracy Week activities, created a national speakers list, created a handbook for starting new teams, and supported new teams to get started. This year, after giving presentations to local grade 10 civics classes for three years, I assisted with the creation of a voting systems lesson plan for grade 10 civics, organized a volunteer presenters group in Toronto, and led outreach to Toronto teachers and three provincial social science teacher's associations as well as the Ontario Ministry of Education. My current planned projects within Fair Vote Canada include a national video contest with some amazing judges to help us spread the word (to launch very soon!), a new campaign name for our 2015 campaign, continued "collective actions" such as the petition drive that all of our supporters can participate in, and outreach to strategic partners. 

Over the past year, I have become very involved in and passionate about Cooperate for Canada (also here) the national and local movement for one time cooperation between the Liberals, NDP and Green parties, to form a cooperative majority with a commitment to proportional representation in 2015. 

I am a Green party member. However, I've also voted NDP and share many of those values. I'm not a Liberal hater by any stretch - they've just yet to produce my preferred candidate or platform at election time, and their previous refusal to look at PR has been a disincentive to vote for them even tactically. With Cooperate for Canada, I'm doing a lot of party-hopping, and after a few months with the NDP last year, I will soon be a "Liberal supporter".

It is because I care deeply about the movement for proportional representation, and truly believe a breakthrough in 2015 is possible, that I am campaigning for Option A - to keep us on the winning track.

Anita Nickerson